If They Weren’t So Stupid….

A member of the “Squad” and a Massachusetts Congresswoman proposes letting prison inmates go, due to the Chinese virus. There’s dumb and then there is liberal dumb. At the link.


Okay, let me work this out. Due to the Chinese virus people should be willing to self quarantine. Their right of freedom to assemble, worship when and where as they will is secondary to liberal group think. The idea is by isolating people the disease will be limited.

This member of the “Squad” proposes taking a group of folks that are already in quarantine and release them. The situation of their release increases their vulnerability to catch and transmit the Chinese virus. Some how, in her pea sized brain this makes sense.

I really should not pick on this idiot. The real culprits are the voters who thought she was one of the smart kids. Well she is from Massachusetts. They may have been right, within the borders of Massachusetts.