I Was Afraid of This

I guess to be ashamed one must first possess a sense of shame. Liberals aren’t burdened with that feeling. Pundit one day, butt of jokes the next day and celebrity spokesman the following day.

I don’t know if it is true. But I heard a rumor that Jeffrey Toobin has a new gig. He is doing celebrity endorsements for ZOOM. Might have another one in the works for Brawny, the quicker picker upper. Anybody else caught in the same situation would be roundly condemned. Celebrities get endorsement deals.

I guess what they say is true… too big to fail. Then again everything looks larger on video. According to Toobin’s defenders, “everybody masturbates” so anybody who objects to Toobin’s activities is a hypocrite. I guess all those “Me-too” actresses are hypocrites. They objected when Harvey Weinstein masturbated, using their hand.