Dog Bites Man….

I‘m really getting tired of these breathless conservative, so called scoops. Biden is a liberal and a democrat. He is only doing what liberals and democrats do. Drug use, hookers, blackmail ho hum. When is the last time you saw a story that reported Joe Shmoo got up, fought traffic, gave his employers of honest work, fought traffic on the way home and had dinner with his family? That is what the Shmoo is supposed to do.

Want local news? Gotta go to England to find it. No American news outlet has picked up the story.

Hunter Biden is only doing what Hunter Biden is supposed to do. Get up in the early afternoon, smoke crack, hire a hooker, smoke crack, make homemade porno, smoke crack, sell access and influence to anybody with two nickels to rub together, and smoke crack. In the evening Hunter can subvert the Secret Service by sending them out to buy crack, and chase down more hookers. It’s a tough job. Mel Brooks got it right.

Blazing Saddles