Did you Know?

I am not claiming to be an authority on United States history. It seems that whenever the United States has faced a challenge with clear paths. The chosen way forward often accommodated the Nations’ s worst impulses.  The leader of the charge was a liberal .  From powerlineblog.com.

Robert P. George is the McCormack Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton (the chair originally created for Woodrow Wilson a person we can no longer mention at Princeton), and the founder and director of the James Madison Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions there (that is, as long as we can still mention James Madison at Princeton), which offers conservative counter-programming on Princeton’s campus.

Robbie has a modest proposal that really ought to be included on all student manifestos right now:

I have a modest little proposal.

During WWII, Earl Warren, as Governor of California, requested the indiscriminate internment of Japanese-Americans and Japanese immigrants residing lawfully in the United States. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt agreed to and implemented Warren’s unjust, racist plan. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover opposed it. Why should Americans of Japanese descent be subjected to the microaggression of having to walk into or past courthouses (including the Earl Warren Courthouse in ultaliberal San Francisco), public schools, and other government buildings named for Warren and Roosevelt? I demand that all of these buildings be re-named for J. Edgar Hoover.


P.S. Princeton—hey wait a minute! The place is named for a prince! Patriarchal privilege alert! Change the name! I’ve got it: let’s go back to it’s original name: the College of New Jersey.

Who would have thunk it?  J Edgar Hoover has been dead for decades and the liberals can’t leave him alone.