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Whole Foods v vegans: Berkeley store gets restraining order against activists

John Mackey, “there I was waiting for a bus, when suddenly I found myself under it.”

One of the problems with extremists is that they are never satisfied. Loyalty, alliances, mutual interests, contracts and common purpose are meaningless. Recall that Stalin and Hitler were best buds, right up until the time that Hitler invaded Russia. Whole Foods may have been sold to Amazon, but the overall operation doesn’t seem to have changed. I wonder how Mackey is feeling about his vegan buddies now? 

The order is the latest in a tense standoff with an animal rights group that has staged protests at the store for several years

For a full week, a big black banner was posted from a sidewalk in Berkeley, California. “OCCUPY WHOLE FOODS”, it declared in large, white block letters.

But the protesters who created it, a group from the animal rights activist organization Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), were not actually able to do much occupying. Just days before a week long protest scheduled for late September, in which the activists had planned to call attention to alleged animal welfare violations by suppliers to Whole Foods’ parent company, Amazon, the Berkeley store filed a restraining order.

Whole Foods Market originated in Austin, Texas, land of the fruits and nuts. Here is the profile of one of the founders, from Wikipedia, the lazy man’s reference.

John Mackey (born August 15, 1953) is an American businessman. He is the current CEO of Whole Foods Market, which he co-founded in 1980. He is one of the most influential advocates in the movement for organic food.[3]

Mackey, who was a 
vegetarian for 30 years, now identifies as a vegan.[8]

The left is the politics of destruction, they offer no solutions and can’t build anything. They can tear down and destroy, but offer nothing as a replacement. TV shows are overwhelmed with left wing writers and actors. Look at the vision for the future they offer.

In “Fear The Walking Dead” the heroes try to survive surrounded by walking dead people. How they got dead I don’t know. Don’t know why they are walking. I have never watched more than ten minutes.

Suffice it to say, civilization as we know it does not exist. The survivors have lost the desire or ability to make and use soap. Sewing, weaving and the ability to make clothing, is by the boards. Best I can tell, only two technologies have made it through the apocalypse, silicone breast implants and push up bras. While each is useful, in their own way, I can think of other things I would rather have.

Bear Grylls Challenge

It just occurred to me, this could be the theme for the next Bear Grylls adventure. We send Bear off equipped with nothing more that a push up bra and a pair of silicone breast implants and see what he can do with them. Must see TV!