Book Burning in The Time of Global Warming

I drove past the Brookhollow Branch Library on Heimer Road the other day. I was surprised to see that it was locked up tight. I guess in the liberal mind, libraries are not essential.

I can see that. A person with an inquiring mind might see photos of city government leaders on stage and wonder. How come all those local hacks don’t have to practice social distancing? How come they don’t wear masks?

Think back to the days following 9-11. Librarians opposed government efforts to investigate potential terrorists.

Librarians were among the first to raise concerns about the Patriot Act while it was being debated in Congress. The American Library Association was a signatory on the earliest coalition-led opposition to what became the Patriot Act, which passed in October 2001. Within a few months, a University of Illinois survey found that 85 libraries had been contacted with government requests—and that’s likely a low figure, considering that Patriot Act requests came with a gag order.

Slate June 2015

A new national crisis, in the form of a pandemic, struck in 2020. Librarians saw their duty and closed all the libraries. I’m sure they have a good excuse.

I keep saying that there is no difference between liberals and fascists. Joseph Gobbels was the Nazi Propaganda minister. He also held a doctorate from Heidelberg University. He graduated in 1922 with a doctorate in German philology. He was very much involved in the use of language.

One of his more notable achievements happened in May 1933. He was instrumental in the burning of “unGerman” books at the Opera House in Berlin. 

Modern liberals so much more efficient than their Nazi fore bearers. Just lock the library doors and tell everybody to stay home.