What About Pants?

I understand the concept behind specialization. Nobody can know the nitty-gritty that goes into making an organization run. But that concept can and should be turned around. The specialist knows everything about their own narrow focus. That doesn’t mean any recommendation they make should be adopted, without consideration of the overall goals. A case in point. Why paraphrase, here it is straight from the horse’s ass.

MADISON – The head of the Department of Natural Resources is telling employees to wear face masks on teleconferences — even when they’re not around others and at no risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole reminded employees in a July 31 email that Gov. Tony Evers’ mask order was going into effect the next day. That means every DNR employee must wear a mask while in a DNR facility, noted Cole, an appointee of the Democratic governor.


I got the message. Unfortunately, it isn’t the one that the governor intended. State government is run by idiots. Policy makers are devoid of anything resembling common sense. State employees are ball-less time servers. They will go along with anything provided that they don’t have to work, think, or take a stand on any issue. They incapable of working in the private sector.

The memo didn’t say anything about wearing pants while video conferencing.