Times Change

The only thing left out was the kids starving in China.

Sad and Useless blog has posted what they call a 2021 Sarcastic vintage pictures calendar. The idea is to take renderings from yesteryear and add comments reflective of today. I guess it is supposed to be cute.

Sad and Useless blog

This one was a standard response around my house. The only thing missing is eat everything your plate. Memories! It was Friday that meant fish for dinner. I didn’t like fish. Didn’t matter. There it was a slab of swordfish on my plate.

This tastes terrible, I complained. Eat your fish. But it tastes funny. Eat it! Bitch, threat, bite, bitch, threat, bite… Whine, tears but… eat it! Last piece, but it’s bad.

Mom reached over and speared the last piece with her fork. She put it in her mouth chewed once and spit it out. First and only time I think I saw my mother spit. This fish is spoiled! What’d you eat it for?

Not all battles that result in victory necessarily end up in the win column.

What would Tony do?