The Hazards of Traveling the Wrong Way on the Politically Correct Highway

For the Girl who has everything

One term you will never hear me utter is, “Now I’ve seen everything.” As a cop for thirty years, I have seen things most people can’t even imagine. Wide as that range has been though, experience has shown I haven’t seen anything. Here, complete with a video is an example of what I mean. Blogger-turns-skin-removed-indesigner-vagina-surgery-into-necklace/


She said, “Want to see my labia, I painted it myself.” Then she said,” she loved sperm smoothies and semen facials.”

I said, “You want to go out for a smoothie and a facial, my treat. Next thing I know she and four girlfriends are stomping a mudhole in my ass and I woke up here.”

I was thinking Tracy was a little weird until I read the last paragraph. Good girl, Tracy! Tracy isn’t afraid of utilizing whatever bodily parts or fluids she has to hand in her quest for fitness and happiness. She has made headlines before talking about her love of sperm smoothies and semen facials.

Last time saw mudflaps like that, it was on a 1998 Peterbilt.