Subliminal Messages in Advertising

Full circle

There is no escaping this commercial. I don’t know what a Shelby AC Cobra has to do with an asthma medication. Trelegy damn sure isn’t giving them away. The spokesman and his two buddy’s are cruising in classic cars. Only the spokesman has a date and its a dog. How lame is that?

I guess men never grow up. In my fevered teen aged based imaginings, I figure if you have a Shelby, then the blonds just naturally follow. Then I stopped thinking with the little head.

427 AC Shelby Cobra, $180,000

Here is a contemporary Shelby AC Cobra. You can buy it for $180,000. For that you get a go like hell car. The money does not get you a top, side windows, radio or air conditioning. As far as I know those things aren’t even options.

Elsa Hosk

Let’s let the teen age fantasy play out. Here is Elsa. She is sitting next to you. The roar of the engine, the thrill of the open road, the wind in your hair. Could it get any better? It’s down hill from there.

Elsa: “This wind is doing a number on my hair. Can you put the top up?”

Me: “There is no top.”

Elsa: “Can we roll the windows up?”

Me: “No, windows.”

Elsa: “It’s hot can you turn the air conditioner on?”

Me: “No air conditioning.”

Else: “How about some music? Can you turn the radio on?”

Me: “No radio.”

Elsa: “It sure is bouncy.”

Me: “It has a racing suspension.”

Elsa: “You should have bought a Prius!”

“Spot, here Spot, want to go for a ride? Good boy!”

I guess it wasn’t such a stupid commercial after all.