Piece of Shit of the Week

Walter Shaub

This self-satisfied piece of shit claims to be a top ethics adviser. He is calling out Sarah Sanders for using her government Twitter account to describe a confrontation where she and her family were kicked out of a restaurant on Friday night. He makes several insulting remarks and then mischaracterizes the situation in order to drum up an imagined ethics violation. 

It has always amazed me that the guy shouting the loudest for ethical behavior is the person most lacking in ethics.

Try as I might I can not figure out how confirming that while on a family outing, a business retaliated against you because of your government position. This seems newsworthy. Fatboy claims that Sanders gained some benefit by using her government twitter account on her own time and therefore is guilty of an ethics violation.

I’d be up and out of there in a flash, because spitting in the soup is a required follow up. I would also pay for what was ordered and baring that, tip the waiter. I fail to see the benefit.  Being available to the press is a job requirement and the government equips you for that purpose. I didn’t realize in the world of Democrats, doing your job was considered an ethics violation.

Has anybody considered that this hash house harlot also put the same sanction on innocent family members, for which she condemned the administration? What about the children? Stephanie Wilkinson, the restaurant owner, starves children!

Apparently, Wilkinson’s actions had already caused press inquiries. What is a press secretary to do? Her job. There is no benefit to be had here. Shaub may drag the sack and catch a freebie but it is pretty obvious that Sanders is out of luck.

Another reason this locally sourced, organic, natural, we fucking care more than you is one big con job.