It’s What’s for Breakfast

I knew following one of those click-bait stories would pay off. According to The body goes through a number of changes. It seems that semen is an anti-depressant. So a regular hot beef injection has an added benefit. The method of delivery is open.

Apparently, semen is the new antidepressant. That sounds like something a guy would say to get a girl in bed, but it’s true! Psychology Today reported on a study in which 293 SUNY Albany female students were surveyed on their sex habits, such as frequency and whether or not they used a condom. They then gave the same women the Beck Depression Inventory to determine their moods and level of depression.

It turns out that those who were having sex without a condom were significantly less depressed than those who were using condoms or not having sex at all. When the mood-elevating compounds found in semen are absorbed by the vaginal walls, they can literally cheer a woman up. Who knew?!

Guess that is why they sometimes demonstrate that silly smile the next morning.