I Can See it…

Can This Relationship be saved?

Couple fall for sex robot after ‘designing’ personality – and say it ‘saved marriage’

A Texan couple have fallen in love with a sex robot. The pair chat to the AI doll and take her everywhere with them. They also say the technology has saved their marriage.

Makes sense to me. Anything that intercedes into the interaction between spouses has got to be good. Think about it, spouses get along in public, hate the sight of each other in private. A sex bot is the perfect intermediary.

I can see trips to the feed store on Saturday. The bot can sit quietly in the truck. I’m just not sure about trips to Flores Country Store or Gruene Hall on Saturday night.

I understand that there are interchangeable attachments that can service both sexes, without the need for costly surgery.

Crazier than a shithouse rat falls under the inclusiveness umbrella.

There has to be limits