Where Does It End?

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Great Moments in Deluded Thinking

Ghost Shirt

Ghost shirts, sacred to certain factions of Lakota people, were thought to guard against bullets through spiritual power. Jack Wilson (known in Lakota circles as Wovoka) opposed rebellion against the white settlers. Wovoka believed that through pacificism, the Lakota and the rest of the Native Americans would be delivered from white oppression in the form of earthquakes. However, two Lakota warriors and followers of Wovoka, Kicking Bear and Short Bull, thought otherwise, and believed that Ghost shirts would protect the wearer enough to actively resist white oppression.[1] The shirts did not work as promised, and when the U.S. Army attacked, 153 Lakota died, with 50 wounded and 150 missing at the Wounded Knee Massacre.

The earth is either going to be too cold or too hot!
I didn’t have sex with that woman!
Trust me, I’m all woman!
Princess Angry Beaver, Native American
Claims aside, a man will never be a Bicycle seat.

Causes come and go. Some may have merit. Others have no basis in rational thought but become fashionable. I have no use for LBGTQIA. I am all for LGBT.