Unintended Consequences-Medical

The New York Times reports today, that a group of surgeons at Johns Hopkins hope to routinely do penis transplants within the year.  Those targeted for transplant are GI’s suffering from war wounds. I wish them luck. 

I can see one problem looming for the lack of a better term I’ll call it the “Store Bought Syndrome.”  I have observed a tendency with women that opt for breast augmentation surgery.  They go for a size larger than what might be considered ideal. In the case of implants there is no cause for concern, except for the occasional 44dd’s on the 100 pound frame.

Guys already have a tendency to confuse six inches with ten inches.   Confronted with the ability to specify an actual length that confusion will be eliminated.  The recipient may have to deal with a limited color choice. I can already see Unintended consequences.  The surgeons are calling for transplant rather than augmentation.  Locating donors may pose a problem.

Some people believe that Rhino horn has certain sexual benefits.  Scientists and government have failed to overcome this belief, to the detriment of the rhino population.  The myth persists, that black men are hung better than white men.  Going to a public bathroom will never be the same. I foresee a trip to the men’s room as a shopping expedition for those in the market for replacement parts.

Those well endowed men may find themselves in much the same situation as the rhino, hunted for their horn.