Times Change

Starship successful launch and return?


I guess the standards for success have changed. Tesla, a private company, is a success, but it couldn’t exist without government bailouts and subsidies. Solar power is a success, but it can’t meet the energy demand. Here we have a rocket ship that was supposed to make a round trip, except it crashed and blew up on landing. But it was a success!

Yeah a success that ranks up there with the Titanic and Hindenburg. Who can forget Franz Reichelt who was the first to parachute from the Eiffel Tower?

The Road to Hell is paved With Good Intentions

Do You Know these folks?

Babe Ruth, One of the greatest sluggers of all times.
Larry Littleton, never hit a baseball in his pro career.
Miss America, 2020
Nameless drag queen

Participation trophies are worthless. Almost and also rans don’t count.