The Real Reason for the Mizzou Protests

Protestors led by Professor Melissa Click are attempting to keep the press from reporting the protests at the University of Missouri.  Professor Click is a journalism professor.  If it helps any the media should keep in mind a quote from one of Missouri’s most famous sons, as follows:

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

Mark Twain

Damn, those protesters were just so cute, until they turned on us.  In the meantime the media is trying to come up with an explanation, a report on the Protests here.  

I can explain things in relatively short order, without wasting gallons of ink:

A protest is an open effort by citizens to seek redress from the government for real or imagined faults.  The protest is peaceful and the aims and goals are publically stated in order to effect a resolution. Towards that end, the use of the media is desirable in order that the message gets out.

A criminal conspiracy, on the other hand, occurs when three or more people combine together, agree to commit a criminal act and at least one takes a first step towards accomplishing that act. A person can be a member of a criminal conspiracy by carrying out non criminal acts in order to further the conspiracy.  The Russian KGB classified these people as “useful idiots”. For this reason it is important that the true aims, goals and identities of the co-conspirators should remain concealed. By its very nature a criminal conspiracy is adverse to a free press and unfettered access by the press to their means, methods, and goals.

Call the NCAA, I have figured out the goal of the criminal conspiracy. A significant number of football players have joined the protest. Conspirators are trying to affect the point spread for the next University of Missouri football game.  They could make millions! Check out the so called issues that started the protests and tell me my theory isn’t more rational.