Terrorist Warning

CBS-intel-warnings-potential-aq-attacks-three-states-monday/This is what make intelligence analysis so iffy. The first report is from CBS. OK, go about your rat killing CBS has no credibility. But…. being a typical liberal organization sympathy for the Palestinians may give CBS access especially in the middle east. Did CBS give up all they know? A plan disrupted overseas isn’t as sexy as one in the United States.

Terrorist act on Monday and election on Tuesday. Why not Tuesday and strike at the whole concept of free and fair elections? Course the longer CBS can string this out the more advertising they get to sell. 

I think the modern media is not capable of “doing the right thing” because they have no idea what the right thing may be. If lying, misrepresenting and holding back information affects the bottom line of a news organization in a positive way, then that is the right thing.

The American journalist of today taken back to June 5, 1944 would have arrived in Normandy on the back of a Panzer tank.