Sympathy, Shit and Syphilis

Albert Einstein said it, but I like this image

If I was baking a cake and it didn’t turn out as desired, I might be temped to try the recipe again. But there are some things that I require to operate right the first time, every time. Some that come to mind, parachutes, submarines, airplanes, and guns.

Here is a tale of woe. An engineer buys a Tesla with autopilot. To my way of thinking an engineer buying a Tesla automatically undermines his credentials. At any rate, his auto pilot fails along a stretch of road. The failure is serious enough that he reports it to Tesla.

It is not critical enough for him to stop using it. He doesn’t heighten his vigilance on that critical stretch of road. Damned if the car doesn’t take him out, on the same stretch of road. Everybody is SHOCKED!

I can’t get worked up over this. I’m no engineer, but even I could see this coming.