School Daze?

Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes! Of course I’m female.

It used to be that law and policy were based on what society as a whole were prepared to accept. There is a move on to provide rights and protections to individuals and behaviors that run counter to accepted norms. In order to implement these policies, the rights of individually protected groups trumps the rights of the rest of society.

A Florida school board has let stand an edict that a”transgender” (female to male) student be allowed in a middle school boys locker room. The school attorney claims that parents had no right to be informed of the decision. They have no say in the matter. The male coach has been threatened with firing, if he does not accept the policy.

There is a simple solution to this dilemma. It requires action rather than hand wringing. All that is needed is a sizable number of affected boys and their parents to show up at school and meet with the principal. They then declare that they are all transgender and demand entry to the girls locker room and rest rooms.

Using the thinking that gave rise to such silly thinking means that many behaviors considered abhorrent need to be reconsidered.

  • Ted Bundy, a notorious serial killer, was just searching for self actualization.
  • Armed robbery is not a crime. It is nothing more that wealth redistribution on a small scale.
  • Bestiality is nothing more than human and animal bonding.

Ridicule is a powerful weapon.