Public Health Announcement

Some, so called experts, claim one should wash your hands while singing “Happy Birthday”. At the conclusion of the song, hand washing is complete. This strikes me as a typical liberal ploy. Identify a process, implement it, check all the boxes and declare victory at the end, without regard for actual results.

Let’s apply real life to hand washing. Ever worked on a car, painted a room, or planted a shrub? Did your hands get dirty? Had you sung a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” would they have been clean? I’m betting nothing short of the Gettysburg Address would do.

The problem is that using time as a performance standard doesn’t work in hand washing. Here is a different standard. It suggests an actual inspection with a standard for passing.

Sing what you want. If there is still glitter on your hands when the wife gets home, you’ll be singing in a higher key. What’s so hard to understand about that?