Newest Stress Relief Product

Stress Relief Product
Who thinks up this shit?

Have you noticed that when a one-off incident is reported in the MSM it suddenly becomes commonplace? Within days, incidents of a similar nature or with common traits suddenly are reported everywhere. The other day I reported that some folks believe testicles have taste buds. Not two days later comes this story, fondling testicles can relieve stress. Not being groped but delivering the grope.

The politically correct atmosphere in most workplaces precludes soliciting or offering their balls to benefit a coworker. This led to the creation of a hypoallergenic, reasonable approximation, of testicles, complete with suction cup device. The suction cup facilitates the mounting of the balls under a table or desk. This allows the testicles to hang freely and sway in the wind.

I foresee some problems with this device, marketed under the name “Niceballs” and available thru Amazon.

They only come in one color, pink. To be acceptable they should come in a variety of colors. Another problem I see is that they are hairless. This may be acceptable to metrosexuals, known to carry grooming to ridiculous lengths. It may not appeal to those who prefer a pair of hairy balls.

I’m not sure that reaching for a pair of balls in the name of stress relief is going to end well.