It’s Worth A Try

Hugh Hefner, died at 91

Today’s link offers advice on prostate cancer prevention. It seems that men who ejaculate more often are less susceptible to prostate cancer than men who only ejaculate three or four times a month. Makes one want to climb on a bimbo, purely for medical purposes.

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy died at the age of 91. He may be proof of the assertions made in the above article. He did not die of prostrate cancer. Life is about balance. Hefner avoided prostrate cancer, but died of a heart attack. It is unstated as to whether his prostrate fitness routine, ejaculation, contributed to his demise. Before starting on any health regimen it is best to ease in to a new routine.

Many a cowboy has stated the desire to “die in the saddle.” It is a hell of a way to go. It is also a hell of a way to be found.