Information Overload

Sage advice from the Internet

I related the story about staring at a Franklin stove on a cold winter night and marveling how modern manufactures had been unable to improve on old Ben’s design. Then I realized I was wrong. There it was for all to see, cast into the metal: “WARNING STOVE WILL BE HOT WHEN IN USE”. Cynics will bemoan the fact that modern users require a warning that their forefathers took for granted.

The trend continues. Here is today’s headline from Yahoo. Apparently, today’s generation is unable to take a shit without instructions from the Internet.

Come to think of it this may be why there is so much confusion about gender.

That reminds me of a story. A rodeo cowboy was taking his first airplane ride. He was seated next to a good looking blond. He tried making conversation and she rebuffed him. She told him she was a lesbian, every woman she saw she desired. All she could think of was making love to a woman. Then she asked him what he did. The cowboy replied, before I met you, I’d said I’m a cowboy. But now I guess I’m a lesbian.