How To Get Away With Munchhausen Syndrome, Call it Gender Identity Treatment

As Bert and Ernie say, “Which one of these things aren’t like the other. Oh wait, they’re the same!

A Texas woman was arrested on suspicion of faking medical conditions for her 4-year-old son and forcing him to have unnecessary procedures at various DFW medical facilities, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Megan Gee was arrested Wednesday in Wichita Falls, where she and her son live, and was charged with causing serious bodily injury to a child. She is accused of injuring her son through medical child abuse, better known as 
Munchausen syndrome by proxy, according to a Tarrant County arrest warrant affidavit.

Don’t like your life? Feel like people don’t give you enough credit for your devotion? Would you like acknowledgement and acclaim as you fight the good fight. Would you like to be identified as a hero in your own time?

Munchhausen Syndrome is so 80’s

The problem with Munchhausen is that it has been done to death. The cops are wise to the tricks. When a person gets caught they get sent to prison. Then when they are ready to be released, a vindictive DA decides to prosecute them on new charges.

Genene Jones was a LVN who induced medical emergencies upon infants so that she could revive them and be a hero. Unfortunately for the kids her batting average was nowhere near 1000. She was convicted in at least one death, out of several. She was scheduled for release, until the Bexar County District Attorney decided to reopen some of the old murder cases.

Gender Dysmorphia is the Way to go

Gender dysmorphia is a subset of body dysmorphia. A common manifestation of body dysmorphia is anorexia. In its extreme form, body dysmorphia is treated as psychosis. For those lay people, let me translate, “crazier than a shithouse rat.”

However, the APA decided to make a distinction when it comes to gender dysmorphia. The APA decided that gender dysmorphia wasn’t as crazy as anorexia. I’m not sure, but I think it had something to do with Mercedes Benz payments, rather than psychological necessity.

The end result is that if one finds his penis offensive, there is a psychiatric professional out there who will be happy to remove the offending organ, with the aid of an Hippocratically challenged surgeon.

So the treatment for an anorexic does not include bariatric surgery. This is because anorexia is a mental illness. However, surgery to remove healthy tissue; penis, breasts is perfectly acceptable to treat the mental illness known as gender dysmorphia.

Claim that your four year old he, is a she and you get all the advantages of Munchhausen Syndrome with none of the downside. It’s not like the kid is going to argue.

Don’t pay any attention to the high fatality rate incurred by patients administered the drug of choice in “transition treatments.” Hey the kid was already screwed up, what’s one more suicide? When the kid figures out that his/her parents were really sick son-of-a-bitches, gender identity will be the least of the psychological issues.

Creeping out into the media are stories that many young people are sucked into the transgender fantasy due to peer pressure. The pressure to make the Mercedes Benz payments are so strong that trained psychiatric professionals are not weeding these people out. As a result hundreds of so-called transgender are now seeking a way back.

Course there is one final insult for those transitioning. Apparently it is not uncommon for “transsexuals” to undergo hormone treatment, plastic surgery to include breast enhancement or reduction. Many do not take the final step, castration and or building a twat.

Guys transitioning to women have a wide variety of opportunities in the film industry. Just google, “chicks with dicks.” Not so, “guys with twats”.

From where I sit, this whole gender thing has nothing to do with accommodating individuals. This is about creating a division where none previously existed. This is an attempt to demonstrate that society is flawed and create the impression that it is incompetent. The goal is to create a climate of grievances that can never be resolved.