Good Neighbors

In California, neighbors are up in arms after a guy installed a swastika in his yard. He says that he is not mad at anybody. He just likes the design. There is no ordinance that would prevent him from installing the design.

The guy may have a point that the swastika, in a variety of cultures, is relatively benign. Hitler and the Third Reich changed that. The swastika may no longer have the power that it once did in the 30’s and 40’s. Not enough time has passed to be able to claim innocent use.

Look at the photo again. I’d be interested to know more about the neighborhood. If the neighbors reside in multi-story buildings, that is one thing. It the surrounding residences are single story, who is going to see? At street level the design may not be obvious. I have better things to do than get wound up about what an idiot does in his backyard.

I’d be willing to bet I could post this sign in my yard and offend the shit out of some liberals.