Easily Amused

It’s okay, as far as it goes. Kinda like a pet rock. The problem is that the item is attractive to a very select market.

I have to admit the deal got me thinking. I guess I can’t argue, popping zits has a certain appeal. But the Internet has expanded people’s horizons. Why be satisfied with a mere zit when you can watch Dr. Sandra Lee. She is known as Dr. Pimple Popper. The viewer can watch her squeeze a cyst that expels copious amounts of whatever. At the link:


These days a new product should cross lines to attract the greatest number of potential users. Eureka! I hit upon the perfect next step. It is a combination of stress reducer and vegan food packaging and delivery.

Bubble wrap

Who hasn’t received an item wrapped in protective bubble wrap? Who hasn’t found themselves popping the bubbles? There is something satisfying about the resistance, the sudden release and accompanying pop. There is even a TV commercial that implies that popping bubble wrap is a stress reliever. What could make it better?

The only way it could be better is if there was a visible result to round out the sound and tactile components. I’ve got it.

Start with a strip of 1/2 inch bubble wrap. (I haven’t decided to offer six bubbles or go by weight.) Whip up a batch of hummus. Kids might enjoy peanut butter. Load up a food syringe with the hummus. Inject the individual bubble with the hummus to maximum capacity. Seal the injection site with food grade wax.

It is up to the consumer to provide crackers or vegetables. For service just give the bubble a squeeze and let her rip!

It’s a can’t miss proposition. I’m looking for investors. Take a chance.

What would Tony Do?