DIY Projects, A Step Too Far…

1967 Ford Mustang
2013 Shelby GT 500

I admit in my younger days I considered myself a do-it-yourself-er. Any guy my age probably found himself under the hood doing a tune up. Back then it took a wrench, a screwdriver, gap gauges and a timing light.

Time passed and cars got more complex. A peek under the hood of that 2013 Shelby was enough to convince me to call the guy. The shade tree had seen its last tune up.

This was not laziness. It is an admission that some projects are just too complex and are best left to the professional.

According to the story, the infant was a twin. The other survived, just. Reading between the lines, circumcision is not popular in Italy and not routinely performed. The Jewish community has the expertise but apparently was not consulted. Kitchen table, paring knife and Allah what could possibly go wrong? Diversity… it is a wonderful thing.

You’re gonna do what?