Can’t Win

I might be overly sensitive here, but can anybody name any other appliance that can unilaterally decide not to work? I spent hours slaving over the catalog and ordering all the features I wanted and avoiding those that I didn’t want. Sold, the car, cashed in a 401 K just to afford the damn thing. I waited twelve weeks for delivery, UPS wouldn’t leave it had to go to the UPS office across town to pick it up. Fought with the packaging just to get it unpacked, no sharp objects anywhere close. Broke out the silk-like sheets purchased for just such an occasion. So alluring and so seductive I ease into bed and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She whispers back, ” It was a long trip, she’s not in the mood.” Real as real can get.

No Means N0: Sex Robots Will Be Programmed to Refuse Sex If They’re Not in the Mood Or Detect They Are Being Touched “Aggressively”

—Ace of Spades

More human than human.


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AI sex robots will turn down steamy encounters ‘if they’re not in the mood’ claims inventor 

We still do not have any kind of feasible flying car even on the horizon, and yet our sex robots will routinely turn us down for sex.

It turns out the term “dystopian future” is and always has been a redundancy.

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