But, It’s For the Turtles

The Last Straw

According to the wackos, 500 million plastic straws will wind up in the ocean and then in the noses of sea turtles. For a nearly extinct species, that’s a lot of sea turtles.

I can’t help wondering if there isn’t some type of liberal wacko substitution thing going on here. You know:

“We’ve tried to ban guns, SUVs, soft drinks and religion and met with failure. We need a win.”

“I know, plastic straws, we’ll say it’s for the Sea Turtles.”

By the way, the 500 million figure? It came from research done by a nine-year-old for a school project. No word on how many straws will end up inserted in the nose of the coke-snorting wackos.

Could have happened that way. What would Tony do?