Another Ghetto Lottery Winner

The Seattle police shot and killed a pregnant wacko who came at them with a knife. She was reporting a burglary at the home she shared with her three kids. No word on how many babies daddies be in the woodwork. Seattle-police-shoot-kill-

The Seattle Police promise a complete investigation. Normally it takes one officer to take a burglary report. Two were sent because the wacko and her address were flagged by the dispatch system as a potential threat to the police. The officers arrived, and she pulled a knife. Despite repeated commands, she refused to follow instructions. Both officers fired, and she ended up DRT (Dead Right There).

Another report states that officers had less lethal options available to them, but the officers did not use them. Most “Use of Force” policies require that officers meet deadly force with deadly force. Occasionally the tactical situation will allow officers an opportunity to use a lesser degree of force (Taser) while still maintaining the deadly force option. Factors such as time, distance, the likelihood of success all come into play in making a judgment.

Two officers with distance and obstructions in their favor, a Taser may be a viable option. Five feet with their backs to the wall, a .45 is far more effective at resolving mental health issues than every psychiatrist in America.

Here are some of the questions that will not be asked and answered in the subsequent investigation.

  • Whose idea was it to make a wacko head of household, with three children, one with Downs syndrome?
  • How’s that working out?
  • Where was the family before the shooting? They all acknowledged she was mentally ill.
  • How does one go from being the black sheep and all around pain in the ass to breadwinner for several generations of family to include second cousins, pretend cousins, and baby’s daddies who never married baby mama, in a blink of an eye?
  • Where were social services?
  • How come a wacko gets to accept or reject a treatment plan without consequence?
  • For forty years wackos have been shoved out into the community because liberal policies shut down residential facilities, with predictable results. How long before liberals accept the blame rather than misdirecting it towards some other entity?

There is a plus side: She won’t do that shit again. She no longer suffers from mental illness.. The family is qualified for the bonus round and could turn that useless waste of skin into a multi-million dollar pay off.