Age Old Question About to be Answered?

I’m not surprised that Massachusetts is ground zero for this operation. This procedure may finally put the rest the age old accusation that men think with their penis.

Doctors at Massachusetts General are proposing to transplant a dead man’s penis to a live woman. Am I being insensitive if I point out that there is a simpler course of action. All the typical candidate for this operation has to do is lose fifty pounds, let her hair grow out and use a little Nair on her mustache. If she did that, chances are she could have a whole host of penises and free drinks also! But I’m a simple man.

How does one go about shopping for penises? “Oh, I like that one… do you have it in white?” What if the previous owner couldn’t get it up? Is there some kind of guarantee? Then there is the whole mind of its own thing. “You want to put me where? Nope, won’t do it and you can’t make me. Go ahead beat me!”

Other than a Lobotomy, made famous by Joe Kennedy, name another surgical procedure designed to cure mental illness. This isn’t a panacea, it is a Mercedes Payment for the surgeon.