A Tool For No Reason

This is one of those which came first questions, the chicken or the egg? The technology surrounding dremel has been around a long time. The Versa scrubber is new. What changed?

The folks that design and manufacture dremel tools and all the myriad parts could have put this thing together 20 years ago. But they didn’t. Why?

Sometimes the intersection of new material and technology make a new invention possible. That doesn’t seem to be the case, here. Dremel tools have been around a long time. The application has changed.

My theory is that the market wasn’t right. Twenty years ago people weren’t sufficiently stupid and lazy enough to see the benefit of a battery powered pot scrubber.

The argument was made a hundred years ago that household devices such as a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, electric range would easy the burden of household chores. It would free up housewives for other pursuits. It sure did that, Oprah is a billionaire because housewives had free time.

Peggy Bundy

Houses didn’t get any cleaner. Meals went downhill. Why use fresh when you can pour a meal out of a package and pop it in the microwave? Come to think of it, who needs a pot scrubber?

What would Tony do?