A Separate Reality

All this time feminists were wrong… a man can get pregnant.

This isn’t about sex or alternative lifestyles. I don’t really care what people do with their pee-pees. I refuse to buy off on demands that we accept and adhere to the alternate reality put forth by wackos.

My objection is to the violence they do to common sense, science,
language and accepted norms. This story is patently ridiculous and an  affront. To accept it, is to surrender.

I don’t care how much surgery “she” has had to become a man. It is obvious the surgeon left the tricycle factory in place. Equally obvious is that boyfriend hit the wrong side of the “taint.” For those unfamiliar with Texas vernacular, the taint is that place that, “taint” pussy or asshole.

Course the whole bicycle factory and pregnancy thing calls into question the homosexuality of the pair. I think it would be closer to the truth to say that two dog ugly persons engaged in some plain and fancy trick fucking and one got pregnant.

Then again, there is that old joke. Lawyers are living proof that it is possible to get pregnant via anal intercourse.