What’s Wrong With This Picture?

San Antonio Mayor along with Bexar County Judge look on as San Antonio Metropolitan Health assistant director announce that wearing masks in public is now mandatory.

In the old Soviet Union, the government used to tell the most outrageous lies. Citizens weren’t expected to believe these lies, but they were expected to perpetuate them. I suspect that the exercise was to undermine the public by making them support what they knew to be untrue.

Look at the picture above, what’s wrong? It isn’t only this brain trust. The scene is repeated around the country.

“Your benevolent government has spoken, everybody must wear masks and practice social distancing.”

When? Where? Does it apply across the board? Where is your mask?

I sometimes wonder if these arbiters of the social good, sit around and try to outdo each other. “Watch this…..” Followed by, “Hold my beer….” One challenge you won’t hear, in liberal circles these days, “You ain’t got a hair on your ass…” Manscaping don’t you know.