Watch That First Step

I don’t know what the story is behind Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden demise. What I do know is that it lends itself to some humor at his expense.

On the other hand, maybe there is a moral to the story.

Epstein found himself in the Manhattan Federal Correctional Center. Although surrounded by top legal talent, his penchant for documenting his inclinations weighed against him.

‘Next time the prosecutor shows you pictures of the crime scene, try not to blurt out, ‘Been there, done that.”

The facility was state of the art. High security and virtually escape proof. There was only one problem….

Golf escape.

The guards were all government employees. The best and the brightest are working at McDonald’s. Those that couldn’t make the cut…

The Attorney General sent in the FBI to investigate but witnesses weren’t much help.

Investigation showed that Epstein had attempted suicide two weeks previously. He was unsuccessful.

After several false starts, the job was finally done!

The press agitates. The conspiracy theorists doubt. The government makes excuses. Will they be believed?

In the long run the public doesn’t care.

This uncaring attitude is ultimately self defeating.

Despite what old timers say, it has always been this way.