Trouble in Paradise

Alan-Dershowitz-I’ll-resign-from-the-democratic-party-if-Keith-Ellison-named-DNC-chair Alan Dershowitz is a former Harvard Law School Professor, current commentator on politics and criminal justice issues and the go to guy when the defense needs an appellate attorney. He possesses all of the attendant flaws of a typical liberal, with the exception of his views on Israel. 

When he sinks his teeth into a criminal appeal it is something to behold. Even when I disagree with his analysis which is often, but not always, I have to appreciate the quality of his work. He has managed to toe the liberal line while at the same time acknowledging inherent flaws in the party line.

In my opinion, he has done himself a disservice over the past several years. He has come out on several issues where he has been critical of liberal stance. He has gone down the conservative path, seemingly to the point where I thought, “that’s it! He has done it there is no going back now.” Then he would run out steam, lose the momentum of the argument, and conclude despite all he said democrats hadn’t crossed the line yet.

He has drawn another line. I guess we’ll see if he means it.