There Is No Middle Ground

This is what happens when democrats are in control. “Civil rights are what we say they are.” In California the populace has a legal right to marijuana but not a Constitutional right to bear arms.

As mentioned earlier, left-leaning authorities have been exploiting the Wuhan virus as an opportunity to advance their usual agenda. Another example of this is San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo citing the virus as a pretext to infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms by shutting down gun stores, even as the demand for guns skyrockets.
Via Big League Politics:
Liccardo declared that gun stores were “non-essential businesses,” and they are no longer permitted to stay open during the lock down effective immediately.

San Francisco has ruled that the city’s many cannabis dispensaries can continue to operate during the citywide shutdown, the city’s public health department announced Tuesday evening. 

“Cannabis is an essential medicine for many San Francisco residents. Dispensaries can continue to operate as essential businesses during this time, while practicing social distancing and other public health recommendations,” the San Francisco Department of Public Health tweeted

Shitting in the streets. Unemployment, government promoted drug use sounds like a third world shithole, like maybe Djibouti. Nope, its San Francisco.

Djibouti is actually a step ahead of San Francisco. The drug of choice in Djibouti, Khat, is a government monopoly. This step eliminates the need for tax collection.

I have two buddies who were stationed in Djibouti after 911. They reported that the only function the Djibouti Air Force seemed to serve was to transport Khat. Every day C-130 aircraft made their run to pick up Khat. When they returned bales of Khat were loaded on government trucks for distribution in the surrounding area.

It won’t be long until San Francisco achieves true third world status.

Nothing short of an earthquake followed by a landslide into the sea will fix San Francisco.