Nomination for Hero Badge-Airline Edition

College Professor in Action

This is an occasion where a non-public safety entity gets the “Nomination for a Hero Badge.” Little Miss Snowflake decided that she didn’t want to travel with two dogs on the airplane and demanded that the animals be removed. She claimed she had severe allergies to dogs that could have near fatal consequences for her. She had no documentation to back up her assertion, no medic alert, no letter from her doctor, and apparently no emergency treatment (EpiPen). Southwest-airlines-passenger-dragged-off-plane-after-claiming-to-have-life-threatening-pet-allergy.

The police were called after she refused the orders of the flight crew, a Federal Criminal Offense. Southwest had a legitimate concern. They tried to de-escalate the situation, but the only acceptable solution to the passenger was the removal of the dogs. I would point out (1) The dogs were there first. (2) They were much better behaved and (3) the airline had a right to take her bogus claim at face value and would not accept the liability of having her on board.

Think for a moment, folks. Gone are the halcyon days of flight where the wind whipped through your hair in a Jenny. Modern airliners are sealed self-contained environments. There might be a chance, before the first passengers boarding, that the cabin would be free of dog dander and fur. Once the first passenger steps on board, all bets are off. Admit it; most people can’t get out of the house without the dog adding his goodbyes to the rest of the family. The airline may have to make a reasonable accommodation by providing a clean environment, but an allergen-free environment is a step too far.

This is in no way the same as the Korean doctor the airline beat up. I that instance, the doctor wasn’t causing a ruckus until the airline arbitrarily decided to take his seat away.

The video illustrates another problem; “the who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes? syndrome.” This happens when the actor claims to be doing one thing while doing another. As the cops put it,”aw gee lady get off the plane, walk.” She repeatedly replied that she was, but the only thing moving was her lips.

Now the airline is going to investigate and apologize. I got one, “We’re sorry you are such a bitch, here is your money back and you are banned from Southwest and all partner airlines for life. Here is $500 towards the cost of a moped to meet all your future travel needs.

What would Herb Do?

The alternative is everybody flies naked!