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UPDATE: October 3, 2015, Nassau County District Attorney reverses self on gun ban.  Couldn’t fade the heat, self interest wins out. The story and link at Fox News NY prosecutor reverses employee gun ban after taking fire from legal experts

Professor Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy blog reports that the Nassau County District Attorney has forbidden prosecutors from having handguns even at home.  The link and the story I’ll leave it to Professor Volokh to discuss the legal implications.

I am going to run at this from a slightly different direction.  An entire office of educated professionals have acted against their self interest and given up a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  Part and parcel of their job is to protect the rights of the citizens of Nassau County, those charged with a crime and those whose community is affected by crime.  If these guardians are willing to play fast and loose in regards to their own rights, what reasonable expectation do the citizens of Nassau County have that the District Attorney’s office will protect theirs?  Based on this performance, none.