Nomination for Hero Badge

State Carlos Euresti (D) San Antonio Outside Federal Courthouse

Nomination for Hero Badge was originally limited to point out stupid shit  Public Safety that is: police, fire, and EMS are capable of doing. Occasionally I have included other public servants and do so today to give special recognition to Texas State Senator, District 19 Carlos Euresti (D) San Antonio. You can catch his act daily at the United States District Court, Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division. Sen Euresti is the embodiment of Democratic values.

In a courtroom long ago and far away, Harlingen, maybe McAllen, our intrepid Senator was pursuing his day job, chasing ambulances when he latched onto a $900,000 payout.

Denise Cantu, client,

Denise Cantu lost her two young sons in a car accident. The resultant payout was substantial and Euresti was there to give investment advice. Drill he said as he started laying pipe to her. From there it was a short stroke from literally screwing Ms. Cantu to figuratively accomplishing the same task. He convinced Ms. Cantu to invest all her money in shale sands, used in the fracking process. Euresti neglected to mention that he had an ownership interest in the company she was investing in, nor that he was getting a commission on her purchase. But what the hell, look at his love me wall on the Internet. Euresti probably wasn’t telling the Archbishop about this hot little number he was screwing in the valley. Then again…

They have a name for this particular con, it is known as a Ponzi Scheme. Early investors and corrupt company officials make out very well in the beginning. Early investors and expenses are paid with money collected from later investors. AS the long as the money flows the scheme flourishes, but eventually, the money coming in can’t sustain the money going out. Kinda sounds like taxes, maybe that’s why Democrats are so prone to try their hand at running one.

One thing I can appreciate about Democrats they can lie, cheat, steal with complete and utter conviction that what they do is within their rights and totally justified. Afterall nobody is more deserving of their largess than themselves.