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Even the Weather Channel Has Jumped on the Fake News Bandwagon 

Just what we need. Not only is the weatherman incompetent, but they lie also. During the obligatory weather report from the hurricane ravaged coast the intrepid weather reporter fought against high winds and lashing rain to make his report. How brave, How dedicated!

Then these two guys wearing shorts walked into the frame with nary a hair out of place or disturbed. A difference of twenty feet makes all the difference in the world. Must have been a tornado.

He who forgets that old time sayings like: “He hasn’t got sense enough to come in out of the rain,” deserves to be taken.

I never understood the stand-up report in the middle of a storm. I am torn between the idea of banning it or requiring these type of shots in every story. Just imagine seventy reporters throwing themselves into structure fires in Massachusetts last week. I like it. I’m not blood thirsty. I would be just as happy seeing Wolf Blitzer standing knee deep in shit as he covered the opening of a sewage treatment plant.

I judge a news bimbette by the rack she is sporting. The quality of a news station is based on whether or not the station has captions hiding the aforesaid rack. I don’t watch flat chested newscasters, what they say is meaningless anyway. At least with a great unobstructed rack, I’m entertained.