Nomination For A Hero Badge

A Montana Fire Department has fired a firefighter girl because of her extra job. I never met a firefighter who didn’t have an extra job. Cop snark is that firefighter, was their extra job. Fire fighters came to the firehouse to rest up from their other occupation. This isn’t going to end well for the fire department. Here’s the story:

Once again the two greatest investigators ever take on the fire department. Which one of these things is not like the other?

Beefcake Good

Heroic firefighters strike beefcake poses wearing fire department issued equipment, standing in front of a firetruck.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Girl Beefcake bad….

It’s good to see that fire chiefs aren’t any brighter than their police chief counterparts.

I don’t understand the penchant the current generation has for putting stuff on Facebook or Instagram. There are plenty of pictures of Ms. Pritchard out there. The side-boob shot is as risque as it gets and that doesn’t do it for inappropriate.

The fire administration will probably hang their hat on the fact that she was ordered to remove photos of her in uniform, from the Internet. She refused. This sets up CUBO, Conduct UnBecoming (of an) Officer, insubordination, refusal to obey a direct order.

The problem arises because the fire department has no social media policy or standards establishing appropriate or inappropriate behavior. I suspect she can point to similar photos posted by her male peers on the fire department. Photos of males, in similar situations were probably not subject to take down orders.

Look at the progression of the photos. There is a progression. She was told a girl couldn’t hump stretchers and do firefighter shit. She believed them and embarked on a weight training program.

I don’t know if she can hit a vein, as a paramedic, but I’m pretty confident she can hold her own carrying a stretcher.

I am old school. I believe that when one agrees to become a cop, firefighter, or paramedic then certain activities are limited. Posting stuff on the Internet is on the list.

I haven’t seen any indication that she took her differences with the fire administration out to the public.

Bert and Ernie would point out that there is no difference between the guys and the girl.

If I was still a cop, PORAC PONDERS would not exist. I’m no longer a cop, so thirty plus years of stored up venom comes spewing out.