Musta Been a Music Critic

Three men critically wounded in Virginia shooting captured on Facebook Live

The three men were sitting inside a vehicle that was shot up in the Berkley suburb of Norfolk, Virginia.

The New York Daily News reports that three men seated in a car were ambushed and shot in Virginia.  Three wanna be’s were sitting in a car smoking out, stoned out of their minds, and trying to sing along to a rap song.  It is kinda difficult to follow the lyrics because these three are so fucked up they can’t remember them.  It seems to be typical rap shit, bad asses, guns, shootouts and paramedics scooping up brains.  Because everything that these three has to say is important, it is all being recorded for posterity. 

The fickle finger of fate was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by, in the form of a rival gang banger, baby daddy or avenging relative, your choice, this hero hasn’t been caught. These three find themselves “living the dream” when the shooter opens up on the car and hits all three. The I-phone drops to the floor and captures the ensuing chaos.

Bet they wish they were singing about kittens and puppy dogs.

You just can’t make this shit up.