Looking For Investors

I’ve got an idea that will make millions. I just need a few investors. The concept is rooted in science! Agricultural experts in Africa found that cattle with eyes painted on their butts were less likely to be attacked that cattle without the markings.

Fake eyes on cattle butts

Here is the article.


Predators in the wild seek an advantage. Often that advantage comes via an attack from behind. The idea being the predator can sneak up on unsuspecting prey and mount a surprise attack. With fake eyes, the predator is deterred, it appears the prey is watching.

I’m thinking googly eyes.

The next crime prevention wonder!

I see two market segments. One is ready made wear. Just a fix a pair of googly eyes and the wearer is (so to speak) ready to face anything.

A second market would be the do it yourselfer. For them the offering would be like this.

Because posteriors come in different shapes and sizes the self help googly eyes package includes a variety of differently sized googly eyes.

The googly eyes can be marketed as a crime prevention tool. A proposed name of the jeans can be “I SPY JEANS” with a marketing slogan “I’ve got an eye on you.” I’m telling you it is a can’t miss proposition.

I don’t know that it will keep rapists and muggers away. It will give anybody else in a position to see, that the wearer will fall for just about anything.