I’m Sorry You Lost Your Daughter, Not Sorry You Lost the Lawsuit

It would be real easy to say I’m sorry for your loss and that this is outrageous and there “otta” be a law.  There is and the plaintive ignored it and now they have to pay. Since they are in a suing frame of mind maybe they could sue their attorneys or the Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. I know some inmates in the Texas Department of Corrections, filing Pro Se with a better success rate.

No parent should have to go through what the Phillips’ went through.  First they had to bury their child.  Then they fell into the clutches of opportunists who convinced them that bright line law didn’t matter.  They were encouraged to file a lawsuit on grounds that didn’t even make it past the first hearing.  Now they are feeling victimized once again because the judge followed the law and dismissed the lawsuit and ordered them to pay legal fees. From the Huffington Post:

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

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We have been getting a lot of questions about our lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, the online company that sold ammunition to the man who murdered our daughter Jessica along with 11 others in an Aurora, Colorado, theater. Especially after the Rachel Maddow Show covered us twice, people ask us about the judge’s order that we pay Lucky Gunner’s attorneys’ fees, since our lawsuit was unsuccessful.