I Was Diane Feinstein’s Boy Toy

I just remembered. I can’t give you a specific date, it happened fifty years ago. I was living in Florida or maybe Massachusetts. It happened one night, or it could have been during the day. Either the sun of moon was out. She was alone, no, maybe she had help. She came into my bedroom and satisfied her carnal desires. I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought I’d die… of embarrassment. 

I’m pretty sure that Nancy Pelosi held me down or maybe it was Maxine Waters, they look alike. I didn’t tell anybody. It later all came out in therapy twenty years later. I told the psychiatrist, but he is dead and the office and all the records burned up. Trust me on this.

Why would I lie? Even if it didn’t happen there is an appearance of impropriety. It must be investigated! This isn’t some Blow Job Bill Clinton, the serial rapist, bimbo eruption. Those allegations were backed up with physical evidence. Monica was a spitter not a swallower. Can you say black dress? Unlike Clinton, there are no flight manifests to a pedophile’s orgy island, to confuse things.  BJ Bill’s brother ‘s bragging aside, my brother has never made statements about rampant cocaine abuse. Possibly, Roger Simon of Pajamas Media said it best:

I regret to say yes. Totalitarianism arrives in different societies in different ways, sometimes unbeknownst even to the perpetrators who, like Lenin, think they are doing the right thing.

America has very different traditions from Russia or China. We are supposed to be immune to totalitarian government because of the magnificent democratic principles enshrined by our founders. But are we? Could it come in through the back door under the banner of people who say and even think they are doing the opposite, who think the other side is the fascist side? Or is it as simple as the fact that to some, the ends still justify the means, even though we have seen on multiple occasions the mass murder that leads to?

Roger Simon, Pajamas Media

Who you gonna believe? I’m the victim here.