Honor Her Service But….

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. With her death comes a vacancy on the Supreme Court. I didn’t often agree with her take on decisions. I mourn her passing never the less. The Supreme Court shouldn’t be a rubber stamp. No matter how a decision fell out her fellow justices knew they had been in a fight.

Her death has created a “crisis” entirely of her own making. It is one of the personal failings of all liberals and their ultimate flaw. Nobody is indispensable. The President holds the power to appoint the next Supreme Court justice. The Senate has to approve that choice, No where in the Constitution are elections and calendars discussed, in regards to appointments.

Liberals say the appointment should await the election of a new President. What if Trump wins a second term? Are they saying that a decision should be put off until 2024? Trump has the ability to make an appointment now.

If the democrats have a bitch coming, it is with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg could have retired during the Obama reign of terror. Ginsburg was diagnosed with cancer back then. Afterall, cancer and a sucking chest wound are nature’s way of telling one to slow down. A retirement would have insured a replacement simpatico to her views. But she didn’t do that.

Instead she has provided the democrats with a non-existent crisis by dying just prior to an election. Some people just don’t know when to let go. Forget her storied legal opinions. Instead remember her for her monumental and deeply flawed ego.

This seems like a suitable epitaph.