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Power Line sent along this slide which is part of a larger presentation selling the concept of “Black Veganism” (What the Fuck??). It is ironic that the left has no sense of irony. Where Power Line finds confusion, I find clarity. I understand the intent, purpose, and message in the sign and I didn’t go to law school.

I have to provide a little background. Once I establish common ground, I think you will agree that my take is the only reasonable explanation. Beginning in 1928 and continuing until 1966 appearing as a radio show, movie, and TV series called “Amos and Andy.” The show and most of the acting credit goes to the creators (pictured below), Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. Yes, they even did it in blackface, presumably for the movies.

The premise was simple. Amos and Andy two hard-working Southern boys, decide to move to Chicago to make their fame and fortune. One of their new friends is the “Kingfisher.” Kingfisher dresses and carries himself like a wealthy man. His vocabulary and diction are that, at least to these country boys, of an educated man. Kingfisher is always hatching get rich quick schemes, that never seem to work out. Not understanding the content of Kingfisher’s scheme, Amos and Andy falls for the presentation. Of Course, it never works out.


Point One, use the correct buzzwords to establish exclusivity and people will fight for the opportunity to join. Check out the buzzwords: blackness, black veganism, the logic of racism, colonial use of the term animal, white supremacist thinking, and yada-yada-yada. Once you read crap like that you have two choices: (1) Explain it, or (2) put a smug expression on one’s face and respond,”It seems obvious to me…”

Let me try it, not exactly vegan but it tracks the same points. Using the black experience as found in rural America, we will investigate non-traditional protein distribution methods. The historical emphasis was to waste not a morsel, so parts of an animal not consumed by the white supremacists were prepared and consumed by people of color. Tonight’s dinner employs non-traditional methods to present a dining experience you won’t soon forget!*

Point Two, there is a portion of the population that had its glory days during high school and it is not just the jocks. There are geeks, socials, and valedictorians, and others of that ilk that are just now learning one of life’s hard lessons. Life was never so good as when they were a part of the in a click. Clics are not forever, nobody gives a shit past twelveth grade.

I learned this during the Viet Nam War protests of the last century (like that?). The cause has nothing to do with the response. What is important is that the messenger is seen. Look at me I care! The latest craze is the concept of intersection, this is where two diametrically opposed philosophies (but still under the same big tent) joint together to support each other’s cause. Such as ‘the anti-tobacco folks’ joint forces with the legalize marijuana crowd to ban smoking tobacco but not marijuana.

It just occurred to me that most of these yahoos probably have no idea that Amos and Andy ever existed. It’s almost unfair to confront them with the past.

Anyways here is the PowerLine take: Food-justice.

* This will be the first Food/Philo

This will be the first food/philosophy blog so it is the maiden voyage of “Hanging with Tony.”

*Figured out what is for dinner? The asshole of a road-killed skunk. Bon Appetite!