Democratic Primary, Vote Early and Vote Often


Voters in Bexar County have a tough choice facing them today

in the Democratic primary. They have two choices for District Attorney but one only can advance to the general election.  I can’t think of a time when two Democratic candidates who represented the IDEAL candidate squared off against each other. 

The incumbent DA The LA Hood, even the name says Democratic star. Is the son of a Democrat District Judge. The (LA) Hood worked his way through college dealing Ecstasy in Tittie bars. He was arrested in June 1994 for attempting to sell 200 Ecstasy pills worth $3,600, with a firearm to an undercover San Antonio police officer at a strip club. But SA Narcs were always good for the minimum, The Hood got deferred adjudication, a fine and 320 hours of community service and had his record expunged, so he has no criminal convictions. As an alternative to The (LA) Hood, an apt nickname might be “The Formerly Convicted Felon,” it worked for Prince.

Had The Hood been dealing with my unit this story would never have advanced this far. Dope dealing, while armed in a licensed premise, The Hood would have found himself in Federal Court looking at fifteen years.

The Hood has since gone on to obtain a pardHis tenure as District Attorney has not been without controversy, he tried picking on the Feds alleging a farfetched, far-ranging conspiracy involving birth defects and vaccines. Given the small pond that the Democrat elite swim in, he might do better to check the depth of the gene pool. Contrary to his dope dealer assurances from back in the day, maybe the shit he was selling and presumably using had after effects. But no Democrat worth his salt will ever take responsibility for their own actions. Want to know why your kid is afflicted? Find a mirror, now take a long hard look.

According to The Hood: “[Gonzales] has specialized in defending people who rape women. He specializes in people who sexually assault children. It’s true, Gonzales has been paid to defend clients charged with rape or sexual abuse of a minor. But coming from LaHood, a former defense lawyer who once ran ads looking for clients accused of “any type of sexual offense,” the attack rings hollow.

Just to show that he isn’t one-sided, Gonzalez has proposed that he will not prosecute prostitutes. Professional courtesy I suppose.

Liberal billionaire George Soros earlier this month poured nearly $900,000 into the campaign of Joe Gonzales, a Democrat running to unseat Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood in the party primary, according to reports filed Monday.

There you have it, two eminently qualified Democrats, one position, a winner and a loser. There I go thinking like a Republican. One man one vote, this is the democratic primary… go out and vote four, five, six times, vote until it hurts. There is time for each to reconcile, behind every democrat politician there is a faithful bagman. What do you say fellas bury the hatchet, you took Soros for 900K.